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1637Motor Boating Magazine, February 1954
  • Publication
  • Recreation, Yachting
  • 1954-02
Motor Boating Magazine, February 1954 Volume 93, no. 2 Lester Fagans At the Change of the Watch Know Your Rights A Surgeon’s Log (Part One) Manu Kai Beats Them All Nine New Models For 1954 A Woman Skipper Orange Bowl Regatta Jungle Cruise North From Trinidad (Part Two) Movies Princess Finds a Sister Ship Mexico to New York (Part Eight) The Braggart Single-Handed Cruising at 60 Safe Moorings for Extreme Tides Little Maid of Kent What’s New? Underway with the USPS With the Windjammers With the Outboarders Westward Ho! North Florida Notes Under the Blue Ensign Aerojet, a V- Drive Power Unit Sixteen Elected to Gulf Hall of Fame Advertising Index Selected Photographs include: Cover; Table of Contents page 15; Scott-Atwater ad: boat-bailing engine, page 79; a Vinylon ad with Guy Lombardo, page 81; North from Trinidad (a beautiful drawing of a squall), page 34; “Novies” page 37 [show more]
1636Yachting Magazine, March 1944
  • Publication
  • Recreation, Yachting
  • 1944-03
Yachting Magazine, March 1944 Vol. LXXV No. 3 Table of Contents: Cover, “Men Aloft” From a painting by Gordon Grant Frontispiece, “In the Caribbean” Kodachrome by Three Lions Sheets and Halliards, Gone to War, By Rufus G. Smith, Lieut., USCGR The Outboard Has Gone to War, By Crichell Rimington Racing the Sun, By W. C. Keil Pre-Tank Model Testing, by A. E. Luders Workhorse of the Chesapeake, By J. A. Emmett Why Not Try the West Indies? By Herbert L. Stone The Post-War Yacht Keep that Bottom Smooth! By Charles Fisk Sails and Sailmaking, By W. H. de Fontaine The Biography of a Design, By Graham Cameron, Lieut, USNR Design for Dinghy Sailing, By C. Leslie Lewis Plans The Month in Yachting Gadgets and Gilhickies  Selected images include: Cover; Table of Contents, page 21; Ad for Evinrude Outboard Motors (“’Rugged’ is the word … for countless wartime jobs Evinrudes are doing”), page 81; Ad for Henry R. Hinckley & Company in Southwest Harbor (for “post-war boat values”), page 96 [show more]
1635Power Boating Magazine, June 1931v
  • Publication
  • Recreation, Yachting
  • 1931-06
June 1931 issue of Power Boating Magazine, volume 33, number 6. Table of Contents Here at Last - Frontispiece Why Stock Boats? Specifications of Standardized Boats
May the Best Boat Win - Yeah? by Henry Clay Foster Cruising with Confidence - by Hampton Hutton  Chicago Show - Pictures of Look Over Your Fastenings - by Wm. J. Deed, N.A. Winners in Ocean Race Fine Ocean Race Marred by Rules- by John Gibney McAllester All Alone - New Diesel Yacht The Belaying Pin - by A.B. For Fishing and Cruising  Winner Sets Record in Hudson Race Playmates Back Yard Boat Building - Part II- by David O. Woodbury Attractive Small Cruiser New Designs Gadgets & Kinks, An Illuminated Chart Roll- by D.C. Shaw The Service Department Selected Photographs Include: Cover, Table of Contents (page 11), two page spread of typical cruisers (pages 20-21), Back Yard Boatbuilding (page 39), Eclipse Outboard advertisement (page 59), Wheeler Ad
 (inside back cover) [show more]
1634Yachting Magazine, April 1959
  • Publication
  • Recreation, Yachting
  • Yachting
  • 1959-04
April 1959 issue of Yachting Magazine. Volume 105, no. 4 Contents include: The SCYA Midwinter Regatta,  Late Racing News Yachting’s One-of-a-kind Regatta, By Bill Robinson Fitting Out, By J. Kenneth Whitteker One Learns So Much From Boating, By Les. T. Ordeman Handling Powerboats Alongside, By Alex W. Moffat Current Effects in Piloting Contests, By M. L. Hersey “Fuego” Ballard Photos In Racing Trim, By Bill Robinson Outboard Yachting: Outboard Commissioning, By Bob Whittier On the Use of the Trysail, By John C. Cooley The Buenos-Aires-Rio Race, By David Zingg Three Score and Ten, By Sam C. Slaughter One Porpoise-Power! By E. L. Bubb With My Eyes Wide Open, By Gloria Berry Rendezvous, By Robert W. Chase Ladies of the Bridges, By Gordon Grant Waterway Magic, By Irvin Anthony Under the Lee of the Longboat Design Section Month In Yachting Waterfront News Gadgets & Gilhickies More Power to You The Gam News from Yachting Centers With the Racing Classes Selected photographs from this issue include: Cover, Table of Contents (page 3), Article on A.E. Luders 40' Sloop (page 90), Article on Mount Desert Yacht Yard Controversy 28, with references to Farnham Butler. [show more]
1006Portland Press Herald. Headline: "Roosevelt Reelected Sweeps Nation. Maine Goes for Landon By Big Margin"
  • Publication, Newspaper
  • Concept, Politics
  • Events, Elections
  • Music
  • Nature, Animals
  • Nature, Animals, Bears
  • Nature, Animals, Deer
  • Nature, Animals, Dogs
  • Nature, Animals, Foxes
  • People
  • Recreation, Hunting
  • Craig, Elisabeth May
  • Lapica, Roman
  • Plummer, May Elizabeth
  • Portland Press HeraldPflaum, Irving
  • 1936-11-04
Four pages from the morning edition of the Portland Press Herald from Wednesday, November 4, 1936. Major stories focus on the landslide re-election of Franklin D. Roosevelt as President of the United States despite Maine's electoral votes going to his opponent, Alf Landon. Also included are classified advertisements and local news from communities throughout the state. Also story re Newman - Leland R. Newman (1876-1936) of Winter Harbor, ME dies of exposure and shock after capsize. People Mentioned: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Alf M. Landon, William Lemke, David Grange, Joseph Curran, Alfred E. Smith, Mrs. Alfred E. Smith, Edward Rydz-Smigly, Marshal Pilsudski, Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., Mrs. James Roosevelt Sr., Francisco Franco, John Nance Garner, Frank Knox, Charles L. Carder, Mary Carder, D. G. Carder, Beatrice Richards, Parker L. Starrett, C. B. Bogle, Nettie Burleigh, Katherine Potter, Mrs. Paul Otto, Mrs. Alf M. Landon, John M. Landon, Mrs. A. E. Todd, Mrs. R. R. Bittman, Theo Cobb Landon, Nancy Jo Landon, Peggy Ann Landon, Belle D'Arcy, Charles A. Day, Jose Fernandez, Lottie Dunton Gilman, George H. Gilman, Helouise Francoeur Laberge, Henry McUne, Martin J. Murphy, Alice M. Plummer, Fred W. Plummer, Sadie M. Storer, Clarence E. Storer, William H. Storer, Ralph Mitchell, Ella Martha Widdows, George B. Russell, Maria Russell, Frank Russell, Winfield Storer, A. B. Widdows, James Legg, Lydia Legg, Ernest L. Widdows, Howard B. Widdows, James C. Widdows, Mrs. Harley Hyde, Mrs. Carl Lawrence, Earl Legg, Charles Legg, A. P. Legg, Mary E. Legg, Edith Bean, Herbert Hoover, J. Henry Roraback, Melzer T. Crawford, William H. Crawford, Mary Althea Howard Crawford, Donald Crawford, Weston P. Holman, Marshall Snow, Rose Murgita, N. A. Fogg, Robert H. Duenner, Mrs. Wallis Simpson, David Y. Alkazin, Olive Thompson, Harriet Buker, Joe Soffayer, Henry A. Lessard, William Erswell, James Lewis, Horace Polchier, John Nelson, Daniel Mitchell, Luther S. Smith, Abraham Lincoln, Rodney E. Marshall, Mrs. Rodney E. Marshall, Allen R. Chaplin, Mrs. Allen R. Chaplin, Leona Dyer, Arthur E. Dyer, Mrs. Arthur E. Dyer, Elizabeth Snow, Ralph Weaver, Mark Snow, Howard Grover, Wilbur Warren, Leonard Pitts, Samuel Chesey, Elmer Evans, Grace L. Dyke, Harold Stacy, Mrs. Harold Stacy, Jeanette Stacy, Lucille Stacy, Edson Stacy, Elywin Sanborn, Ruth Burnell, Everett L. Chadbourne, Louise Hill, Sarah Terry, Agnes Kennedy, Annie Folsom, Theodore Decker, Mrs. Harry L. Jones, Emma C. Chadbourne, Edward S. Douglas, Robert Douglas, Mrs. Fred L. Robinson, Gerald Wood, Earle Day, Wyman Famsdell, Miriam Kelley, Ralph Mills, Charles E. Breen, John H. Breen, Emery J. Knowlton [show more]
1002Newspaper article commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Eastern Maine Basketball Champions of 1924
  • Publication, Clipping, Newspaper Clipping
  • Object, Clothing, Uniform, Sports Uniform
  • Organzations, School Institution, High Schools
  • People
  • Recreation, Sports, Basketball
  • 1984
The photograph is a newspaper clipping (text on reverse) from April 12, 1984 that describes 1924 championship team. The Gilman High School of Northeast Harbor basketball team and their coach Stanley Week posed outside after winning the Eastern Maine basketball tournament at the University of Maine at Orono in 1924. The players are in uniform, and Week holds the plaque they won. People Depicted: Stanley Week, Burton Seavey, Edward Ralph, Albert Manchester, Stuart Branscom, Horace Bucklin, Francis Atwood, Jerome Knowles, Merrill Whitmore and Paul Bucklin. Also mentioned in the article are Douglas Driscoll, Carl Kelley Black and white [show more]
1147Photo-Essay of Last (1942) Voyage of Coal Schooner "Rebecca R. Douglas"
  • Publication, Literary, Essay
  • Businesses, Coal and Oil Business
  • Vessels, Ship, Sailing Ship, Schooner
  • Chanler - Bronson W.
Photo-Essay by Bronson W. Chanler detailing a trip aboard the coal schooner "Rebecca R. Douglas" between Northeast Harbor and New York City. Note: As originally displayed in the museum, copies of the photographs taken by Chanler were mounted alongside excerpts and quotes. Around 2015 the photographs were removed from the 1984 posters so they could be scanned and better protected. They are uploaded here, as is the complete text by Bronson W. Chanler. [show more]
1004Mount Desert Deer, Past and Present, 1944
  • Publication, Booklet
  • Concept, Conservation
  • Legislation
  • Local History
  • Natural History
  • Nature
  • Nature, Animals
  • Nature, Animals, Deer
  • Nature, Seasons, Winter
  • Holmes, Lawrie
  • 1944
Second edition of a booklet on the management of deer herds on Mount Desert Island written by Lawrie Holmes. Holmes writes about the history of wildlife management and legislation on Mount Desert Island, characteristics of the deer population, how to determine the age of a deer using bone tests, and game management techniques that have been attempted in other locations. A bibliography of sources and photographs of other deer control activities are included as well. People Mentioned: Maurice Sullivan, Marvin Frost, C. C. Little, George Washington, Ira N. Gabrielson, George Shiras III, Peter Kalm, H. L. Shantz, George E. Street, Thomas Cobbet Jr., Ernest O. Porrell, H. D. Ruhl, G. M. Haskell, I. H. Bartlett, Bill Nye, Shaler B. Aldous, C. M. Aldous, John Pearce, Earl Atwood, W. J. Banks, Bob Bush, Victor H. Cahalane, W. Conklin, E. L. Cheatum, Glenn H. Morton, E. C. Cross, Ruth Drummond, W. S. Feeney, F. B. Forbs, L. F. Marcy, A. Leroy Vorhis, C. E. French, C. C. Furnas, S. M. Furnas, Richard Gerstell, Paul H. Hickie, Fred W. Johnson, Ralph T. King, Aldo Leopold, S. B. Locke, Walter Mann, Merwin A. Marston, L. A. Maynard, Gardener Bump, Robert Darrow, J. C. Woodward, Jack Miner, Glenn H. Morton, Donald McBeath, A. E. Porsild, Earl Saunders, C. J. Spiker, George M. Sutton, E. T. Seton, Harold Titus [show more]
1157Children's Book "Little Folks Bible Gallery" by Jenny B. Merrill
  • Publication, Book, Childrens Book
  • Religion
1005Bangor Daily News, September 9, 1974
  • Publication, Newspaper
  • Businesses, Fishery Business
  • Businesses, Milling Business
  • Finance
  • Legislation
  • People
  • Politics
  • Recreation
  • Structures, Commercial, Lodging, Hotel
  • Bangor Daily NewsAley, Jack
  • Beal, Clayton
  • Bombeck, Erma
  • Buckley Jr., William F.
  • Buckley, Ken
  • Bush, Grace
  • Clifton
  • Crandall, Esther
  • Daniel
  • Devereaux, Richard A.
  • Dugan, Sally
  • Frederick, Arthur
  • Leavitt, Bud
  • Mahoney, Larry
  • Newall, Robert H.
  • Osborne, Owen
  • Porter, Sylvia
  • Reston, James
  • Sheinwold, Alfred
  • Storey, John
  • Sylvester, Ted
  • Weaver, Peter
  • 1974-09-09
Issue of the Bangor Daily News from Monday, September 9, 1974 (vol. 86, no. 72). Major stories include President Gerald Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon, Hurricane Carmen in Louisiana, the TWA airplane crash in the Ionian Sea off the coast of Greece, and Evel Knievel's failed attempt to rocket across the Snake River Canyon in Idaho. Other state and local news is included as well. There are also wedding announcements, sports, an op-ed page, obituaries, classified advertisements, and comics. People Mentioned: Gerald R. Ford, Richard M. Nixon, Philip W. Buchen, Evel Knievel, Stephen Katz, Archibald Cox, Barry Goldwater, Spiro T. Agnew, Nelson Rockefeller, George H. W. Bush, Robert Strauss, Eugenio Martinez, William Cohen, William D. Hathaway, Edmund S. Muskie, Edwin Edwards, Gilbert Durbin, Robert Truax, Donald Branker, Bernard Barker, Baruch Korff, Chesterield Smith, Joseph Rauh, W. Clement Stone, Frederick Hare, Peggy Hare, Jerald F. TerHorst, Jon Lund, James Erwin, George Mitchell, Leon Jaworski, Arthur F. Sampson, J. Herbert Miller, Ronald L. Ziegler, Edward Brooke, Mike Mansfield, Robert C. Byrd, George McGovern, Lloyd M. Bentsen, William E. Brock, John Tower, Jacob Javits, Creighton Abrams, Creighton Abrams Jr., Mrs. William L. James, Mrs. Creighton Abrams, H. R. Haldeman, John D. Ehrlichman, John N. Mitchell, Gordon Strachan, Robert C. Mardian, Kenneth W. Parkinson, John J. Sirica, Warren E. Burger, William O. Douglas, Clarence L. VerSteeg, Paul Mishkin, Peter N. Kyros, James Longley, John Barker, William Cohen, Charles J. Ramsberger, Stanley Leen Jr., John J. Rhodes, Luis Echeverria, Jose Guadalupe Zuno Hernandez, Ann Mackay, Anna McCloskey, Bill Smith, Michael Allen, Kathy Allen, David Grant, Arthur Poulin, Lizette Breton, Judy Rynne, Jeannette Thibodeau, Robert Cloutier, Jane Lowell, Anthony Betts, Kathleen Lord, Steve Curtis, Rena Rodgerson, Sharon S. Espling, Peter E. Espling, Roger B. Kelley, Bernard Kelley, Paul Gleichman, Ellen Espling, James Coulter, Carole Jane Noddin, Barry Lewis, Lewis Beckford, Charles Davidson, Lawrence Noddin, Lawrence Lewis, Nancy E. McCann, Jonathan Spatt, Keith Ingraham, Albert Murch, Loretta Kay Boyer, Merle O. Boyer, James Albert Pickard Jr., Agnes Pickard, James A. Pickard Sr., George Gray, Karen Palmiter, Asa Pickard, Merle O. Boyer Jr., Alan Stubbs, Sally Worster, Dale Porter, Kenneth Foss, Paul Worcester, Ronald Porter, Lois Senter, Debbie Hartt, Roxanna Gould, Marlana Cumming, Lorraine Charloux, Karla Jo Senter, Michael Porter, Audie Gould, Keith Thompson, Michael Littlefield, Raymond Charloux, Camille Lynn Cushman, David Louis Eddy, Hartland Cushman, George Eddy, Robert Sterling, Lisa Cushman, Mary Ellen Connell, Barbara Ingraham, Dale Hartford, Kerry Connell, Craig Gray, Rachel Brudnoy, Stephen Green, Kassel Abelson, David Silverman, David Brudnoy, Simon Brudnoy, Edward Green, Mrs. David Brudnoy, Howard Stanley, Jerry Darsie, Ira Isbin, Barbara Eleanor Mealey, Robert W. Mealey, Joseph Wayne Morin, Francis E. Morin, Norman Young, William Greene, Mrs. Robert I. Mealey, Mrs. Daniel J. Brooker, Mrs. Brian L. Lowell, Mrs. Scott A. Giroux, Debbie deGroff, Carol L. Belanger, Charles F. Giberson, Daniel J. Brooker, Brian L. Lowell, Robert I. Mealey, Michael D. Mealey, Dave Cannon, Steve Bull, Ernie Hardy, Alan Armstrong, Gary Burley, Don Rock, Rod Pace, Russ Fox, Mike Bolt, Tom Pinto, Marc Katz, Jack Leggett, Danny Rhino, Randy Rhino, Steve Boxer, Dave Buck, Mike Axe, Glen Cutting, George Stout, Bill Hohl, Rich Diggs, Danny Buggs, Tim Felt, Art Bent, Sandy Hertz, Sam Blood, Jegg Gray, Scott Blackburn, Brian White, Jim Tann, Pat Green, Dave Brown, Randy Pass, Brian Book, Jim Fish, Ed Walz, Bruce Salmon, Ed Szcerba, Steve Krychomski, Andy Zdobylak, Nick Tarabacchia, Steve Szewczuk, George Mattyasovszky, Jimmy Jimenez, Mike Hart, Jim Soule, Jim Shook, Forrest Fezler, Bruce Crampton, J. C. Snead, Gary Player, Mike Hill, Tommy Aaron, Ben Crenshaw, Phil Rodgers, Jim Ferriell, Richie Hebner, Dick Pole, Doug Griffin, Mario Guerrero, Dwight Evans, Juan Marichal, Tim Johnson, Pedro Garcia, Cecil Cooper, Juan Beniquez, Tim McCarver, Doug Griffin, Tommy Harper, Bernie Carbo, Rico Petrocelli, Ken Berry, George Scott, Johnny Briggs, Darrell Porter, Gorman Thomas, Bill Freehan, Al Kaline, Joe Coleman, Dick Tidrow, Ron LeFlore, Gary Sutherland, Ben Oglivie, Chris Chambliss, Roy White, Walt Abbott, Steve Vance, Chris Alyward, Kevin Foley, Russ McDonald, Mike Gries, Gerry Shea, Mike Budrowe, Rudy DiPietro, Mark DiGregorio, Rich Prior, Mickey McGuire, Mike Wallace, Kirk Douglass, Roger Dalton, Bill Hilster, Phil Cameron, Mike Drouin, Tim Labbe, Ferguson Jenkins, Ken Holtzman, George Hendrick, Tom McCraw, Charlie Spikes, Jim Perry, Enos Cabell, Don Baylor, Ellie Hendricks, Mark Belanger, Frank Duffy, Luis Alvarado, Bill Buckner, Mike Marshall, Jack Billingham, Dave Lopes, Pedro Borbon, Manny Mota, Pete Rose, Brian Butterfield, Ben Tibbetts, Ben Corbett, Andy Sturgeon, Rich Pullen, Neil Prendergast, Hans Antonsen, Eddie Miller, Ronnie Gordon, Bert Philbrick, Rick Albert, Dennis Jewell, Lin Hindshaw, Brian Perkins, Ken Topel, Kevin Butler, Cliff Reuter, Howard Weldon, Matt Hackett, Gary Perry, Matt Keller, Wilbur Howard, Randy Jones, Steve Rogers, Lou Brock, Wayne Garrett, Maury Wills, Jimmy Connors, Ken Rosewall, John Newcombe, Margaret Court, Billie Jean King, Evonne Goolagong, Chris Evert, Bill Battle, Condredge Holloway, Ricky Townsend, Dick Vermeil, John Sciarra, Brett White, Dave Buckey, Bob Boone, Arthur Winslow, Robbie Dickinson, Joel Cormier, Rodger Geren, Mark Armstrong, Robbie Emerson, Aaron Boynton, Brian Morrow, Scott Mountford, Lance Gallant, Jeff Dunn, Jeff Brown, Tim King, Peter Gordon, David Ingraham, Dale Stone, Leo Trevino, Bobby Nichols, Hale Irwin, Jim Plunkett, Randy Vataha, Earl Morrall, Bob Griese, Howard Twilley, Marlin Briscoe, Bob Berry, Fran Tarkenton, Jim Lash, John Gilliam, John Holland, Chuck Foreman, Jimmie Jones, Wayne Fiegenbaum, Bert Roberge, Ed Flaherty, Galen Workman, Tony DiBiase, Steve Conley, John Sawyer, Russ Quetti, David W. Bustin, Joseph Kozak, Franklin A. Peters, Edward Kennedy, Michael J. Harrington, Salvador Allende Gossens, Henry A. Kissinger, William E. Colby, Norman Lodow, Lawrence Greenlaw, Eddie Rickenbacker, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Zane Grey, Minnie Henderson, Val Vardamis, Roger Lyford, Lorraine Cote, Gerard Cyr, Jack Anderson, John Lennon, Abigail Van Buren, Bob King, Jim Stanko, Joanne Stanko, Lucius H. Dwelley, Harold Kilbreth, James Bush, Oscar R. Hahnel, Mrs. Donald W. McIntosh, Mark Gartley, Eugene Richardson, Scott Ireland, Frank Jordan, Mrs. Richard Dill, Kenneth M. Curtis, Hal Murray, William Leahy, William Schulz Jr., Bruce Douglas, Gail Galeditz, John Morey, Louis Garibaldi, Ernest Smith, Richard Coffin, Arthur West, Spencer Appollonio, Lisa Flaherty, George Berry, Harold Keezer, Rosaire Sirois, Wilbur Nedeau, Mrs. Wayne Mallar, Marion Thurston, Warren Charles, Paul Chabonneau, Paul Bird, Hollis Fickett, Donna Allen, Katherine Williams, Norman Autotte, Jane Downey, Henry Noonan, William Vasquez, William F. Leary, Robert Kiley, Robert diGrazia, Carl B. Sterzing Jr., Frederic C. Dumaine Jr., Nelson L. Clark, Doris Withee, Stella Stafford, Ellen G. Brooks, Esther Nickerson, Ann Caswell, Patsy Hughey, John W. Meisner, Sarah Colson, Mrs. Ralph E. Grant, Marion Marden, Arline Locke, Charles Perkins, George Perkins, Mrs. Douglas M. Holmes, Celia Thomas, Gary Gould, Beth Griffin, Stanley Griffin, Mrs. Richard Sawyer, Bob Turner, C. Peters, Marjorie Tilley, George Holman, Violet Chasse, Carl Snow, Sally Snow, Jennie Snow, Grace Rideout, Mrs. Ronald Bell, Mrs. Kenneth Glidden, G. Read, Mary Chase, Wally Wilbur, William Kerr, Emmy L. McCarthy, Sterling Ellingwood, Joseph L. Stover, Rodman Logan, Waye Estey, Leona A. Gillis, Arthur R. Fish Jr., Albert J. Clukey, Harold Carpenter, John Houghton, Evelyn R. Ross, Gertrude Strout, Lionel L. Moore, Senja S. Kanerva, Ernestine Roe Hedrick, Earl R. Dempsey, Helen Gilman Davis, Elizabeth L. Martin, Myra F. Downing, Marie Helena Carney, Mattie Jollotta, Laura B. Reed, John N. McDonnell, Helen Dube, Leona Lamarre, Eddie Jalbert, Joseph Gould, Alton Lyons, Rose Anna Cyr, Mrs. Oildred Johnson, Prentiss Larrabee, John Dean, Kenneth Murphy, Frank Blanchard, Walter E. Washington, Clifford L. Alexander, Shirley Cothran, Henry LaBree, Myrtle Hadley, Eddie Albert, Dan Boober, Beverly Ayer, Mrs. Kelsey E. Patten, Ola I. Meade, Carolyn Harlow, Robert E. Morris, Rebecca Ann King, Betty Ford, Cornelia Wallace, George Wallace, Kolbjorn Varman, Gordon Ritchie, Valentin Hernandez, Harold Wilson, Arthur Ashely [show more]