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  • Northeast Harbor
  • 1910s
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1007Pastime Theatre Program Fragments, 1917
  • Document, Program, Theater Program
  • Concept, Arts and Culture
  • Movie Theatre
  • Recreation
  • Pastime Theatre
  • Photofolder Program Co.
  • 1917
Frame containing four fragments of pages from programs from the Pastime Theatre in Northeast Harbor, ME. Two of the fragments contain lists of coming attractions, one for the weeks of October 9 and 16 and the other for the weeks of January 1 and 7, 1917. People Mentioned: Billie Burke, Dustin Farnum, Pearl White, Pauline Frederick, Francis Bushman, Theodore Roberts, Fannie Ward, Marguerite Clark, Harold Lockwood, John Barrymore, Marie Doro, Sidney Drew, Mrs. Sidney Drew [show more]