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1650E. Farnham Butler in his office
  • Image, Photograph, Black-and-White Photograph
  • Events, Personal Milestones
  • 2003 c.
Photograph of E. Farnham Butler in his office at Mount Desert Yacht Yard, circa 2003. On the table in front of him are photographs of boats built by Butler at his yard over the course of his career.
1006Portland Press Herald. Headline: "Roosevelt Reelected Sweeps Nation. Maine Goes for Landon By Big Margin"
  • Publication, Newspaper
  • Concept, Politics
  • Events, Elections
  • Music
  • Nature, Animals
  • Nature, Animals, Bears
  • Nature, Animals, Deer
  • Nature, Animals, Dogs
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  • People
  • Recreation, Hunting
  • Craig, Elisabeth May
  • Lapica, Roman
  • Plummer, May Elizabeth
  • Portland Press HeraldPflaum, Irving
  • 1936-11-04
Four pages from the morning edition of the Portland Press Herald from Wednesday, November 4, 1936. Major stories focus on the landslide re-election of Franklin D. Roosevelt as President of the United States despite Maine's electoral votes going to his opponent, Alf Landon. Also included are classified advertisements and local news from communities throughout the state. Also story re Newman - Leland R. Newman (1876-1936) of Winter Harbor, ME dies of exposure and shock after capsize. People Mentioned: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Alf M. Landon, William Lemke, David Grange, Joseph Curran, Alfred E. Smith, Mrs. Alfred E. Smith, Edward Rydz-Smigly, Marshal Pilsudski, Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., Mrs. James Roosevelt Sr., Francisco Franco, John Nance Garner, Frank Knox, Charles L. Carder, Mary Carder, D. G. Carder, Beatrice Richards, Parker L. Starrett, C. B. Bogle, Nettie Burleigh, Katherine Potter, Mrs. Paul Otto, Mrs. Alf M. Landon, John M. Landon, Mrs. A. E. Todd, Mrs. R. R. Bittman, Theo Cobb Landon, Nancy Jo Landon, Peggy Ann Landon, Belle D'Arcy, Charles A. Day, Jose Fernandez, Lottie Dunton Gilman, George H. Gilman, Helouise Francoeur Laberge, Henry McUne, Martin J. Murphy, Alice M. Plummer, Fred W. Plummer, Sadie M. Storer, Clarence E. Storer, William H. Storer, Ralph Mitchell, Ella Martha Widdows, George B. Russell, Maria Russell, Frank Russell, Winfield Storer, A. B. Widdows, James Legg, Lydia Legg, Ernest L. Widdows, Howard B. Widdows, James C. Widdows, Mrs. Harley Hyde, Mrs. Carl Lawrence, Earl Legg, Charles Legg, A. P. Legg, Mary E. Legg, Edith Bean, Herbert Hoover, J. Henry Roraback, Melzer T. Crawford, William H. Crawford, Mary Althea Howard Crawford, Donald Crawford, Weston P. Holman, Marshall Snow, Rose Murgita, N. A. Fogg, Robert H. Duenner, Mrs. Wallis Simpson, David Y. Alkazin, Olive Thompson, Harriet Buker, Joe Soffayer, Henry A. Lessard, William Erswell, James Lewis, Horace Polchier, John Nelson, Daniel Mitchell, Luther S. Smith, Abraham Lincoln, Rodney E. Marshall, Mrs. Rodney E. Marshall, Allen R. Chaplin, Mrs. Allen R. Chaplin, Leona Dyer, Arthur E. Dyer, Mrs. Arthur E. Dyer, Elizabeth Snow, Ralph Weaver, Mark Snow, Howard Grover, Wilbur Warren, Leonard Pitts, Samuel Chesey, Elmer Evans, Grace L. Dyke, Harold Stacy, Mrs. Harold Stacy, Jeanette Stacy, Lucille Stacy, Edson Stacy, Elywin Sanborn, Ruth Burnell, Everett L. Chadbourne, Louise Hill, Sarah Terry, Agnes Kennedy, Annie Folsom, Theodore Decker, Mrs. Harry L. Jones, Emma C. Chadbourne, Edward S. Douglas, Robert Douglas, Mrs. Fred L. Robinson, Gerald Wood, Earle Day, Wyman Famsdell, Miriam Kelley, Ralph Mills, Charles E. Breen, John H. Breen, Emery J. Knowlton [show more]
1281Aftermath of Rock End Fire
  • Image, Photograph
  • Events, Fire
1009Mount Desert Kennel Club Dog Show Poster, c. 1930s
  • Document, Advertising, Poster
  • Events, Dog Show
  • Nature, Animals, Dogs
  • 1930
The Mount Desert Kennel Club's first annual dog show took place in 1931. Poster advertising a dog show hosted by the Mount Desert Kennel Club at the athletic field in Bar Harbor, ME. People Mentioned: T. E. L. Kemp