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1589Display Case with adjustable shelves
  • Object
Oak display case with adjustable glass shelves, once used in Mrs. Tracy's Shop, Northeast Harbor, and later used in Mrs. Pervear's Shop, Northeast Harbor. Before being donated to the museum it was used in Pine Bough Antiques, Northeast Harbor. Mirror-paneled doors on the backside open, providing access to the interior space. Three draws are accessible from the back.
1101Light Bulb
  • Object, Furnishings, Light Bulb
Electric Tantalum Lamp
1533Maddy Sue boat model
  • Object, Model
  • Duane Muzzy
  • 2015
Boat model of Maddy Sue, 2015. Original boat built in 1932 by Chester E. Clement, Southwest Harbor, called Trailaway and built for Francis Spurling. Later sold to Marvin Harris and renamed Maddy Sue.
1140Oil Pump
  • Object, Mechanical, Pump
  • Object, Forestry, Timber Saw, Bucksaw
  • David Strout
  • 1900
Handmade by David Strout, ca. 1900. Used in Eastbrook Avenue
1492Lantern, Kerosene
  • Object, Furnishings, Lantern, Kerosene Lantern
1126Bark Spud
  • Object, Forestry, Barking Tool, Barking Chisel
Used to peel bark from trees.
1145Embroidery sampler
  • Object, Art, Needlework, Embroidery, Cross-Stitch
1181Bissell's Carpet Sweeper "Grand Rapids"
  • Object, Maintenance, Carpet Sweeper
1180Box for wooden pull toy
  • Object, Pull Toy
1179Wooden Pull Toy
  • Object, Pull Toy
1251Scrapbook Corners, in packet ca. 1925
  • Object, Photographic, Photographic Accessories
  • 1925
1252Postcard Asticou Stepping Stones
  • Object, Writing, Postcard
  • Object, Food Carrier, Lunchbox
  • Object, Containers, Mail Container, Mailbox
1291Blacksmith's Tongs
  • Object, Metalworking, Metalworking Tongs
1144Footwarmer Soapstone
  • Object, Body Warmer, Foot Warmer
1143Mug, Shaving with Geo. F. Green Painted on it
  • Object, Shaving Product, Shaving Mug
1137Saw, Crosscut
  • Object, Forestry, Timber Saw, Crosscut Saw, One-Handed Crosscut Saw
  • Object, Forestry, Timber Saw, Bucksaw
  • Object, Maintenance, Clothes Wringer
1366Braided Rug
  • Object, Furnishings, Rug, Flatweave, Rag Rug
1376Collapsible Razor Ebony with Ivory (Chicago, German)
  • Object, Shaving Product, Razor, Straight Razor
1325Quarrying Plugs Bits
  • Object, Masonry & Stoneworking, Masonry Plug
1049George C. Marshall Postage Stamp
  • Object, Stamp, Postage Stamp
Postage stamp for 20 cents featuring George C. Marshall. The stamp has been postmarked. People Mentioned: George C. Marshall