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1718Three Postcards of Bear Island Lighthouse
  • Image, Photograph, Picture Postcard
  • Structures, Transportation, Lighthouse
  • 1945
Three real photo postcards of Bear Island Lighthouse affixed to a repurposed envelope. On all of the postcards the lighthouse is identified using blue ink. One postcard bears the additional inscription: "Our view from the point." The backside of this paper was at one time the exterior of envelope sent on June 4, 1945. Information about the sender and recipient can still be read. The return address has been cut, but the envelope was sent to Mrs. Edwin Corning, Northeast Harbor, Maine. Mrs. Corning spent her summers on a point at the mouth of Northeast Harbor [show more]
1636Yachting Magazine, March 1944
  • Publication
  • Recreation, Yachting
  • 1944-03
Yachting Magazine, March 1944 Vol. LXXV No. 3 Table of Contents: Cover, “Men Aloft” From a painting by Gordon Grant Frontispiece, “In the Caribbean” Kodachrome by Three Lions Sheets and Halliards, Gone to War, By Rufus G. Smith, Lieut., USCGR The Outboard Has Gone to War, By Crichell Rimington Racing the Sun, By W. C. Keil Pre-Tank Model Testing, by A. E. Luders Workhorse of the Chesapeake, By J. A. Emmett Why Not Try the West Indies? By Herbert L. Stone The Post-War Yacht Keep that Bottom Smooth! By Charles Fisk Sails and Sailmaking, By W. H. de Fontaine The Biography of a Design, By Graham Cameron, Lieut, USNR Design for Dinghy Sailing, By C. Leslie Lewis Plans The Month in Yachting Gadgets and Gilhickies  Selected images include: Cover; Table of Contents, page 21; Ad for Evinrude Outboard Motors (“’Rugged’ is the word … for countless wartime jobs Evinrudes are doing”), page 81; Ad for Henry R. Hinckley & Company in Southwest Harbor (for “post-war boat values”), page 96 [show more]
1003Oliver Wagstaff to Northeast Harbor Fire Department Chief Letter and Envelope, October 29, 1947
  • Document, Correspondence, Letter
  • Organizations, Fire Protection
  • Wagstaff, Oliver
  • 1947-10-29
Oliver Wagstaff thanks the Northeast Harbor Fire Department for transporting him from his home to the hospital at no charge. To express his appreciation, he encloses a check for $25 to be used for equipment maintenance. Letter is written on stationery labeled Overfloat, Northeast Harbor, Maine. Overfloat was located on Harborside Road, Northeast Harbor.
1004Mount Desert Deer, Past and Present, 1944
  • Publication, Booklet
  • Concept, Conservation
  • Legislation
  • Local History
  • Natural History
  • Nature
  • Nature, Animals
  • Nature, Animals, Deer
  • Nature, Seasons, Winter
  • Holmes, Lawrie
  • 1944
Second edition of a booklet on the management of deer herds on Mount Desert Island written by Lawrie Holmes. Holmes writes about the history of wildlife management and legislation on Mount Desert Island, characteristics of the deer population, how to determine the age of a deer using bone tests, and game management techniques that have been attempted in other locations. A bibliography of sources and photographs of other deer control activities are included as well. People Mentioned: Maurice Sullivan, Marvin Frost, C. C. Little, George Washington, Ira N. Gabrielson, George Shiras III, Peter Kalm, H. L. Shantz, George E. Street, Thomas Cobbet Jr., Ernest O. Porrell, H. D. Ruhl, G. M. Haskell, I. H. Bartlett, Bill Nye, Shaler B. Aldous, C. M. Aldous, John Pearce, Earl Atwood, W. J. Banks, Bob Bush, Victor H. Cahalane, W. Conklin, E. L. Cheatum, Glenn H. Morton, E. C. Cross, Ruth Drummond, W. S. Feeney, F. B. Forbs, L. F. Marcy, A. Leroy Vorhis, C. E. French, C. C. Furnas, S. M. Furnas, Richard Gerstell, Paul H. Hickie, Fred W. Johnson, Ralph T. King, Aldo Leopold, S. B. Locke, Walter Mann, Merwin A. Marston, L. A. Maynard, Gardener Bump, Robert Darrow, J. C. Woodward, Jack Miner, Glenn H. Morton, Donald McBeath, A. E. Porsild, Earl Saunders, C. J. Spiker, George M. Sutton, E. T. Seton, Harold Titus [show more]